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1977 Piper chieftain pa31-350

N96342 Skydive Configuration

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1977 Piper Chieftain PA 31-350, STC configured for skydiving with a capacity for 13 jumpers plus a pilot. This aircraft boasts an exceptionally fast climb to altitude, allowing for an increased number of loads per hour, enhancing operational efficiency. It’s the perfect investment to bridge the gap between smaller aircraft like the 182 and larger ones such as the Caravan or Twin Otter, offering a balanced blend of capacity and cost-effectiveness. The aircraft comes fully equipped with the necessary instruments for both the pilot and co-pilot. In a move to reduce maintenance needs and increase jumper capacity, all de-ice boots on wings and props have been removed. Looks Great, Runs Strong! Great Opportunity!

Detailed Specs

1977 Piper Navajo Chieftain Pa 31-350
SERIAL 31-7405205
Airframe Total Time 14729
Empty Weight 4420
Useful Load 2948
Fuel 2×53 gal. main tanks, 2×38 gal. aux tanks
Capacity of 13 Skydivers plus Pilot
12 minutes rotation to 12,500 feet
1120 FPM Climb Rate
11 Gallons of Fuel burn to 12,500

Garmin GMA-340 audio panel
Garmin GNS 430 GPS
King KX-155 nav/comm.
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
Shadin Fuel Flow Monitor
Bendix HIS IN 831A
King KNI-500
Boundary Layer Vortex Generators
Pilot & Copilot Instraments

Recent strip and paint in high visibility orange with “Skydive” lettering. No corrosion issues. Looks Great!

Jump Interior
Capacity of 13 Skydivers plus Pilot

SPOH 1553.30
LH Hartzell HC-E3YR-2ATF SERIAL 31-7405205
SPOH 1553.30

LH Engine Lycoming Ltio -540-J2Bd S/N L-1718-68A
SMOH 1548
RH Engine Tio 540-J2Bd
SMOH 1548 S/N L-3194-61A
A long list of documented recent engine work. Engines run strong!

This 1977 Piper Chieftain PA 31-350 is modified specifically for skydiving, accommodating 13 jumpers plus a pilot, and is appreciated for its rapid ascent capabilities which enhance load frequency and operational efficiency. This aircraft serves as an ideal choice for jump operators looking to fill the niche between smaller aircraft and larger models, thanks to its optimal balance of capacity and cost-effectiveness. This is a great opportunity for a jump operator to upgrade or add to their fleet at a minimal investment cost. Ongoing maintenance will be substantially less than a Caravan or Twin Otter, Navajo Parts are plentiful and inexpensive in comparison! Please call Rob at 888-261-7799 for more info.

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